More Retractions : @Karoli & @CrooksAndLiars Falsely Claim Nadia Naffe Filed Sexual Harassment Charges Against O’Keefe

Karoli doesn’t even try and get basic facts right in her Neal Rauhauser inspired smear of James O’Keefe & Patterico over at Crooks and Liars.

Another example.

After that little caper, O’Keefe seemingly decided he had the hots for Naffe and allegedly attempted the Boudreau maneuver on her. This produced the subsequent falling-out between the two, which in turn resulted in Naffe outing O’Keefe’s behavior on her blog and filing a sexual-harassment suit against him.

First, there isn’t a shred of proof that O’Keefe ‘had the hots’ for Naffe. None. Karoli cites none, nor has any ever been offered.

But Karoli claims O’Keefe’s behavior led to Naffe filing a sexual-harassment suit against him.

Patterico has a theory people on the left don’t click the links.

Click the link it says…

Thursday morning, Naffe published the second part, which details her version of the events that led her to file a criminal harassment complaint against O’Keefe in November

Naffe filed a criminal harassment suit. She did not file a sexual harassment suit, as hack writer Karoli claims. That’s significant, since Naffe implied sexual harassment but never actually came right out and said it.

Basic facts. A click away. And Karoli got it totally wrong. Again. Again, again.

Retraction? Anyone? Do they have editors over at C&L?


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