@Karoli Has a Truth Problem

Um. No.

Here’s what Karoli wrote:

Lies: James O’Keefe’s Obsession With Frames

Nadia Naffe was once an associate of James O’Keefe’s. She was recruited to play whatever role he could cook up in his latest frame scheme of the day, funded by his billionaires through his recently approved non-profit organization. You can see more examples of his duplicitous skulduggery hereherehere and here. Those do not include the evil he did to ACORN, NPRMedicaid providersPlanned ParenthoodAbbie Boudreau andShirley Sherrod, which are particularly insidious.

Yes, James O’Keefe is a slime artist, and once he and Andrew Breitbart found each other, they found that magic slime chemistry that kept the dream alive. There’s little doubt their fraudulent campaign against ACORN resulted in that organization’s demise, and his frauds have harmed countless other organizations, including NPR and Planned Parenthood. Yet despite all of the ratf*cking he’s tried since then, the only one that’s brought consequences for O’Keefe is the attempted wiretap of Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in New Orleans — which landed O’Keefe in jail and on probation.

I know how to parse that first graf. The one that mentions Sherrod. And doesn’t mention Breitbart. The 1st graf that mentions O’Keefe and then uses the word ‘he’ to refer to O’Keefe.

Wow, Karoli. Just flippin’ wow.


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