Why Is @BreitbartUnmasked Lying About My Site Being Hacked?

This is interesting. Why would the BreitbartUnmasked account – thought by many to be Neal Rauhauser – be lying about my account being hacked?



It three tweets, he’s claiming…

  1. I took down my own site
  2. I’m faking a 500 Error
  3. I apparently put the site back up periodically for fun, since it’s been on and off throughout the weekend
  4. I’m faking emails from my web host and printing them here
  5. I’m apparently faking those email really well, since I forwarded them to others.
  6. I’m risking charges of filing false reports with law enforcement, since I’ve reported this to them

Alternative hypothesis — @BreitbartUnmasked is a liar trying to cover up wrongdoing.


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