The Weirdest Neal Rauhauser Story I’ve Heard All Day

I heard this from a reliable source, but I can’t get full confirmation on it. So let’s call it a rumor.

The allegation is that Neal Rauhauser had harassed Mike Stack in an innovative but bizarre and racist way; Neal faxed photos of Mike Stack to convenience stores around where Mike lives that said This Man Hates Muhammad. 

Again, it’s rumor and it’s outrageous but it’s not more outrageous than stuff we know that Rauhauser’s associate Brett Kimberlin did to Aaron Walker and still does to this day; trying to reveal Aaron Walker’s personal information and Aaron’s connection to the Everybody Draw Muhammad blog. Kimberlin contacted Walker’s workplace and got them frightened. Kimberlin puts things like this into this court filings:

Now comes Victim/Complainant Brett Kimberlin (“Victim”) and hereby opposes the State’s Motion to Nolle Pros this case. In support of this motion, Victim states that this is not simply a run of the mill assault case but rather one that has both national and international ramifications and is being watched by federal law enforcement authorities, State Department contractors, organizations that monitor hate groups, foreign countries with large Muslim populations, and national Muslim and civil rights organizations. There are many aggravating factors present in this case that warrant full prosecution and even consideration of additional charges against Mr. Walker.

Both stories – Rauhauser allegedly sending photos of Stack to 7-11s and Kimberlin definitely calling Aaron Walker an Islamaphobe – involve trying to trigger “Death by Muslim”; using a third party to do their dirty work. It’s racist on the face of it and actually does fit the valid definition of Islamaphobia.


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