Team Kimberlin’s @Karoli & @OsborneInk Attack A Liberal To Prove They Don’t Attack People

I have to hand it to Team Kimberlin; what they lack in self awareness and a sense of irony, they more than make up for in sheer brute force stupidity. I put @Karoli and Matt Osborne aka @OsborneInk on my Team Kimberlin list post, noting something obvious — that the ‘enemies list’ of Team Kimberlin cuts across ideological lines, including conservatives like Patrick Frey, R.S. McCain and me as well as some liberals like Heather Chase and a woman named Imani Gandy, who uses the Twitter handle @AngryBlackLady.

I have never spoken to Ms. Gandy, although I have freely admitted that I know her associate Heather Chase. My entire communication with Ms. Gandy has been via Twitter; probably less than 20 tweets total. I have actually spoken to both @Karoli and @OsborneInk much more than I have ever spoken to Ms. Gandi. I don’t speak for her and never claimed to. We obviously disagree on almost everything politically. Those are facts. Facts don’t matter to Team Kimberlin.

Nowhere in my post do I mention “Team Stranahan.” All I did was state the clear and indisputable fact that Ms. Gandy and I have been the target of lies and smears by the likes of @OsborneInk, @Karoli and @Shoq for months and now we are both targets of Neal Rauhauser. (There’s reason to believe the anonymous @BreitbartUnmask account is Neal Rauhauser.)

So how do @Karoli and @OsborneInk try to dispute this contention? By attacking Gandi and me. Without irony

Hmmm. Good question, Matt. I don’t know. Has she? Like, right now?


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