Rauhauser, TOR and the Hacker Attack

In this PDF on “Persona Management” written and published by Neal Rauhauser in 2008, he talks about TOR…

IP Address Concealment

The most basic means of IP address concealment is to install The Onion Router (TOR) and the bundle of tools that come with it. This system is slow and it counts on endpoints that are often blocked by sites we wish to visit. A commercial VPN provider is often a better solution, so long as the vendor is chosen with care and attention is paid to the host country of the endpoint. This can be run in the virtual container or on the host OS itself.


The hackers attacking LeeStranahan.com were using TOR:

    Top 10 requesting IP Addresses based on count:
                COUNT:     1426 / 10.44%  IP:  HOST: torland1-this.is.a.tor.exit.server.torland.is
                COUNT:      590 / 04.32%  IP:  HOST:tor20.anonymizer.ccc.de
                COUNT:      556 / 04.07%  IP:  HOST:tor18.anonymizer.ccc.de
                COUNT:      524 / 03.84%  IP:  HOST:tor21.anonymizer.ccc.de
                COUNT:      387 / 02.83%  IP:  HOST:tor19.anonymizer.ccc.de
                COUNT:      261 / 01.91%  IP:  HOST:

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