Crooks And Liars Backs Team Kimberlin’s @Karoli Smears : Retract The O’Keefe / Sherrod Lie

Widely read liberal website has published a lengthy hit piece that starts by attacking James O’Keefe but quickly morphs into its real purpose ; an attack on Patrick Frey on the eve of the Aaron Walker / Kimberlin trial, while @Shoq is in full Rauhauser / Kimberlin defense mode.

The article is titled  Sex, Lies and Wiretaps: James O’Keefe’s Slimy Underworld.

Let’s examine the article and hold Crooks and Liars accountable for promoting the Rauhauser / Kimberlin narrative, shall we?

Let’s start with this graf, where @Karoli wants to make Jame O’Keefe into The Worst Person In The World.

Nadia Naffe was once an associate of James O’Keefe’s. She was recruited to play whatever role he could cook up in his latest frame scheme of the day, funded by his billionairesthrough his recently approved non-profit organization. You can see more examples of his duplicitous skulduggery herehere,here and here. Those do not include the evil he did to ACORN, NPRMedicaid providersPlanned ParenthoodAbbie Boudreau and Shirley Sherrod, which are particularly insidious.

Wait. Stop right there. What does O’Keefe have to do with Shirley Sherrod. First I’ve heard of that one.

Well, there’a a LINK. So it must be something, right?

Patterico has theory that people on the left don’t click the links.

Here’s link. Click it. It goes to a bunch of stories about Shirley Sherrod — and not one of them mentions a direct connection between James O’Keefe and Ms. Sherrod. Because there is none.

Retraction, C&L?

We’re just getting warmed up.


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