Why Lane Lipton aka Qritiq Is On Team Kimberlin

Lane Lipton, who blogs as Qritiq, sent me a odd little tweet last night.

She’s outraged. Outraged, do you hear me?!?


I didn’t say ‘everyone on Team Kimberlin meets for drinks at Applebee’s on Friday nights’. They don’t all ‘know’ each other. The targeted enemies don’t know each other, either. I said it’s a loose affiliation.

So, what’s the problem? As I defined Team Kimberlin in this post, it’s 5 things; defending Kimberlin in a dishonest way, in Rauhauser’s orbit, common enemies, part of discussions with other members, and using of tactics like accuse the accuser.

Ms. Lipton is five for five.

1) Even a cursory glance at her Twitter stream shows her reposting the outrageous defense of Kimberlin by (fellow Team Kimberlin member0 @Karoii. (Which also covers point #4 as does her constant communication with Ron Brynaert.)


2) Rauhauser recently posted comments on Qritiq’s blog, which would seem to put her in his orbit.

3) Qritiq’s enemies list is the same – me, Patterico, Aaron are at the top as far as I can tell although Pat wins that one.

5) Accuser the accuser tactics would be accusing people like me of trying to shut her up and hurt her; when I’m the one whose site is currently down by what seems pretty clear are Rauhauser affiliated hackers and when I’m the one who has gotten violent threats this past week.She’s the one attacking SWATing victim Patterico constrantly.

I wasn’t specific about Ms. Lipton in the initial post. Ms Lipton’s name is on a list that accurately describes her.



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