@Shoq & Randy Hahn : It’s Not About Politics. It’s About Love

Originally posted 11/28/12 on LeeStranahan.com

If you’re trying to understand why a convicted felon is currently making threats against me & Heather Chase, or why @Shoq is actually defending him — allow me to explain. This part of it is actually clear by now.

This is not about politics. This is about unrequited love. It’s about Randy being mad at Heather because he fell in love with her and tried to come on to her and was rebuffed. It’s about @Shoq being made about his relationship with someone named Jessica.

But don’t take my word for. I asked Shoq on a BlogTalkRadio show what his goal here was. I asked what he wanted. He didn’t mention politics or anything like that. He spin a soap opera. Just listen:

And blah blah blah blah blah. This is about that THAT; that thing you just heard.

It’s not about high minded ideology or party loyalty. It is about guys being mad about girls. That’s it. And the guys in question are destructive mental cases who use every took at their disposal to extend their own inner misery onto others.


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