Randy & Becca Break Down (and Break Up) On The Air

Originally posted on 11/25/12 at LeeStranahan.com

This is from the insane “Randy Hahn” radio show that I mention in this post. It’s from about the last 25 minutes.

I’ve mentioned that a lot of the Bad Guys – and Randy is sure one of them – seem to really hate women. And Randy shows that in this segment. Horrific. And scariest part is that Randy thinks it’s going great. Becca has karma bite her bad. Heather tried to warn her. She ran to Randy.

Listen to the way Randy drills into her at 4:15 about not having a kid. That’s what abuse sounds like. Right there. I don’t know the story, but he’s heading right to the heart of her humanity. On purpose. He won’t let up and Becca sounds beaten.


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