Heather Chase & Randy Hahn / Jason Wade Taylor

Originally posted on 11/25/12 at LeeStranahan.com

This post is really mainly to get a few things out on the public record for anyone trying to keep track of the Randy Hahn / Jason Wade Taylor story. Here’s a few pieces of audio that lay it all out. Peruse as you will, or not.

First, here’s a podcast I did a few months ago (9/16/2012) where I first revealed that I had a source for my story about @Shoq recording the phone call with the person calling themselves “Randy Hahn.” This provides some background; I don’t mention Heather E. Chase by name but that’s who I’m talking about and it’s obvious if you know the story. I talk about how she’d been intimidated, as well. Again remember – this is months ago.

A couple of weeks ago (11/15/2012) Randy Hahn contacted me out of the blue. He told me he had recordings of Heather Chase.. The first few minutes are missing because I didn’t record then.  I was playing nice here with Randy because I didn’t want to set him off against Heather – so when he says that he’s a ‘straight shooter’ or that he ‘has a staff’, I don’t laugh out loud or argue. I was also lying to him about the photos not matching. They do match and I knew the mugshot wasn’t a ‘photoshop’ from Neal; I just wanted to see what Randy / JWT would say.

I sent this recording to Heather. She called Randy he denied even talking to me and completely denied that he had audio of her. We know now that that was a total lie.

Then on 11/21/2012 Randy called me again. By this time, Heather had released a long document that she has since taken down but she’d done something she had not done previously; gone on the record. So in this call with Randy, I was very honest with him — including telling him in no uncertain terms, that no — Heather didn’t like him since he’d lied to her about basically everything for months. And that no, all that lying didn’t make her his ‘friend.’ You’ll hear how he reacts.

Tonight 11/24 – 11/25, Randy Hahn and his girlfriend @Becca43 did a show attacking Heather. I called in and chaos ensued. Becca acted confused about why Heather contacted Randy. Randy still claimed Heather actually liked him. Here’s all three amazing train-wrecky hours of it.

So I asked Heather to do this podcast with me. It’s the first time you can hear her in this whole thing. It should clear up a lot of stuff and you’ll note that it’s got the simple consistency of the truth. Randy is nuts, he’s a liar, he’s really Jason Wade Taylor – as Heather, not Matt Osborne figured out (Osborne disputes this; Chase gained this information without help from Osborne, however – and no, she doesn’t like him.


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