Did I Manipulate @Shoq? You Decide!

Originally posted on 11/28/12 at LeeStranahan.com

@Shoq  is unhappy with me about this post. He says I ‘fake stuff’.

Then he claims that I cut him off before he could even get to the second goal.

Well, here’s about 30 minutes of audio to prove otherwise. The entire 3 hour audio is posted here if you think I’m doing any sneaky editing tricks.

Did I cut him off? Was he not allowed to discuss what he wanted? Did I manipulate him?

Here’s a road map of the clip:

25 seconds in Shoq says “I want the answer to two things.” 

Then he goes on to discuss Thing One, which involves his ex-girlfriend Jessica getting mad about a trip to Canada.

A full eleven minutes later — at 11:30 — he starts to discuss Thing Two about how a blog post by Jessica  He discusses this point for about 9 minutes.

At no point is he cut off. He gets to both things he says he wants answered.

Then we talk about other topics.

Then  at 25:05, @Shoq asks me – out of the blue – why I faked this threat call with Randy. I explain that I absolutely did not fake the call. And then about seven minutes later I leave to send him Screengrabs.

I pointed this out to @Shoq but he ended up blocking me rather than be honest about the facts. And then he makes a dig about ‘what Breitbarters do’.

You tell me — who is being honest here?


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