Bill Schmalfeldt Is Not A Journalist

A two year old child running around yelling Whoop Whoop! is not a cowboy. A drunk screaming at pedestrians on a street corner is not an orator. Bill Schmalfeldt claiming to be a reporter, journalist or editor does not make it so.

I’m not going to link to anything by Mr. Schmalfeldt but it’s easy anyone to confirm everything I’m about to say by looking at his output on the internet.

Schmalfeldt is a serial harasser; a vulgar, bitter egocentric whose role in Team Kimberlin is to launch constant defamatory attacks against the Kimberlin / Rauhauser enemies list. He is intentionally vile, using language and imagery that is intended to offend. He is an awful researcher and a poor thinker, often jumping to bizarre conclusions based on faulty evidence. He is not above blatantly lying. He is a desperate, attention seeking, bullying concern troll who spends his days demanding that his victims address him. He is a crazed tattletale to the state, making phone calls and sending letters to the authorities to report ‘as a concerned citizens’ on people on the enemies list — and then, without irony, using his own reports as the basis for the ‘news’ that his enemies have been reported to the authorities. He is able to do this in his own name (with the occasional pseudonym) without apparent fear of legal reprisal  because he has no concern for his personal reputation and seems to have no personal assets to speak of.

But Bill Schmalfeldt is not a journalist.

Everyone outside of Team Kimberlin knows it and mocks him accordingly.


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