Randy in Rehab?

Originally posted at LeeStranahan.com

According to a comment attributed to Neal Rauhauser, Randy Hahn aka Jason Wade Taylor has hit bottom.

The most recent victim of their habit of targeting vulnerable adults is Jason Wade Taylor, who is in the ICU at Methodist in Houston. He drank himself there, but we’re starting to get information to the effect that Lee Stranahan was the driving force behind the conditions he faced.

Me? The driving force? I wish. Oh, I wish.

This needs be taken with a grain of salt because Neal is a compulsive liar who has been spreading disinformation with a particular flippy floppy intensity lately.

And it’s extremely funny to hear Neal talking about “targeting vulnerable adults” since that is exactly Neal’s M.O.

UPDATE : I phoned four hospitals in the Houston area that are part of Methodist; none of them said they had either a Jason Taylor or anyone named Hahn. It’s possible that he is at one of them but asked to remain private. Or that the operators got it wrong. Or something else. I’m reporting what I was told.


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