Bill Schmalfeldt Lies About His Kimberlin Association

Bill Schmalfeldt left the following comment on my Team Kimberlin post:

I demand that my name be removed from your list of “Team Kimberlin” as I do not work for Brett Kimberlin. I am not associated with Brett Kimberlin. I have nothing to do with Brett Kimberlin. Please remove my name at once.

Well, allow me to retort.

I was very clear about the association with Brett Kimberlin that I ascribe to people on Team Kimberlin. I said:

  1. They defend serial bomber Brett Kimberlin in a dishonest way, using arguments that Kimberlin himself has used.

So, does Mr. Schmalfeldt defend Bretty Kimberin in a dishonest way using arguments Kimberlin has used? Let’s just look at one article BS wrote back in July, 2012 under the pen name Bill Matthews. Let’s go through it slowly.

If you are one of the dozen or so folks who has been following the Brett Kimberlin/Aaron Walkersaga, you know the whole kerfuffle blew up because right wing blogger Walker demanded the right to write inflammatory articles about Kimberlin, the man convicted in the “Speedway Bombings” in the 1970s who since his release from prison has been involved in left wing activism that right wingers do not like.

Here, BS calls the articles Walker wrote ‘inflammatory’. Yes, Walker demanded his First Amendment rights to tell the truth about Kimberlin.

The issue arose when people started acting on Walker’s hate screeds and started threatening Kimberlin, driving by his house, skulking around on his property, taking pictures and making threatening phone calls. Kimberlin went to court to seek a “peace order” — which in Maryland is like a “restraining order.” The battle went on for months, and the judge ultimately denied Kimberlin’s request.

Hate screeds? No link or example is given. Schmalfeldt claims that people started acting because of what Walker wrote and again – no evidence is provided for any of it. But who made the exact same claims in court? Brett Kimberlin did, of course. And it was rejected by a judge.

Schmalfeldt continues in the article, discussing Aaron Walker’s fundraising:

Walker still raises money from this and other right wing organizations since he is sure that Kimberlin (who has said all he wants is to be left alone) will continue to seek revenge and stalk and hunt and possibly harm Walker and anyone who has ever said the word “Walker.”

Who else is constantly critical of Aaron Walker raising money and using it as a non-sequiter attack on Walker? Brett Kimberlin, of course. And that’s especially ironic considering Kimberlin’s fund raising tactics; something I have never seen BS discuss.

You get the idea, just from those few paragraphs. Schmalfeldt is making Kimberlin’s case for him, repeatedly.

So no, BS. You stay on the list. You’re more than earned your place.



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