@Beccas43 & Suicide & Neal Rauhauser : UPDATED with Melissa Brewer Comment

A woman with the Twitter handle @Beccas43 has inserted herself in the recent drama involving @Shoq and Randy Hahn aka Jason Wade Taylor.  She was the co-host with Randy on the total meltdown woman haters show, where they indicated that they were romantically involved. @Beccas43 also was helping promote the lie that Randy didn’t make several threatening phone calls to me; a disinformation campaign promoted by Neal Rauhauser.

What is Becca’s relationship to Neal Rauhauser? That’s hard to nail down right now but what’s interesting is that she’s lied about it.

In a DM conversation with Becca on 11/15/2012 she mentioned Neal to me and even spelled his name wrong. So I did, too.

Yeah. Lulz.

Becca didn’t know at the time that Heather Chase and I were talking, so she didn’t know that I already knew that Becca knew who Neal Rauhauser was. She’d told Heather that already. I was just giving Becca enough rope to hang herself by asking her if she knew who Neal Rauhauser was and sure enough, she lied to me.

How did Heather know that Becca knew Neal Rauhauser? Because the internet has a long memory and @Beccas43 made a little splash a few years year by going onto Twitter and claiming she’s swallowed on pills. This is from a 2010 article about the incident:

Please keep @Beccas43 in your prayers, currently in the ER for potential drug overdose.

That was a tweet I saw last Thursday night from social media enthusiast/fellow Asian Forrest W. Kobayashi. When I asked him if he knew Beccas43 he told me it was a story he saw through his Twitter network. When I investigated further I saw that one of Beccas43′s last tweets read, “I just took a large quantity of xanax. This could be interesting.”


Using the vast information available online, someone managed to find out who Beccas43 was. Another managed to call 911 and get the police and an Ambulance over to her place. News of Beccas43 traveled far enough that it attracted the attention of Alyssa Milano.

Authorities managed to get Beccas43 to a hospital just in time, saved by online strangers.

What does this have to do with Neal Raushauser? Well, back when this happened in 2010 Neal — using his Stranded Wind screename — reached out to Becca.

And Becca has told Heather she knew Neal from 2010. So why lie to me? What’s her’s connection to Neal, now? Is her involvement in this story an accident? Becca has launched an all-out war on Heather, including a lot of outright lies, such as the idea that Heather contacted Randy ‘hundreds of times’ in the last few weeks. Is she jealous because of Randy’s romantic overtures to Heather? Is she part of Neal’s ready collection of crazy liars, like Matt Osborne & Karoli?

UPDATE: Melissa Brewer aka @CatsRImportant, one of the members of Team Kimberlin, left the following comment:

Lee?? That screenshot shows that somebody who WASN’T Neal reached out to Becca. It specifically shows some guy named Zaibatsu being reached out to by Neal. Neal doesn’t know Becca.

Really only Matt E does, and not very well. Beccas some sort of friend to hackers/anonymous/randomsec.

And saying that you “gave Becca enough rope to hang herself” when you’re writing about suicide? Becca is a sick lady. She has some very serious issues.

These people are mentally ill and you just want to push their buttons so they can hurt somebody else or themselves, then you have a story!!!

Ms. Brewer seems to forget that Becca had told Heather she knew Neal. So, yes — Neal does know Becca and was obviously reaching out to her in 2010. Yes — he told Zaibatsu to get in touch. About what subject? About helping with…(wait for it)…Becca.

Interesting info about Becca’s connection to hackers, though. And interesting that Melissa is saying Becca has serious mental issues. Because. Interesting.


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